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In commemoration of the Philippine Declaration of Independence in June 12, 1898. Made in house using Acrylic with our laser machine at the Fatlace Paddock in California.

Each illest spinner is made in limited quantities. We will not reproduce them unless in a different color or material after they've sold out. New releases every Monday & Tuesday.

Diameter: 2.8"

SKU: ILL1995


ATTENTION: All orders are made in-house at our factory and require an extra day to make. Due to overwhelming demand, we will be shipping orders as we finish production. Thank you for your patience and order.

Manufacturer Disclaimer:
Due to our production processes and uncontrollable random occurrences with our machines, the product shown may not reflect the actual form, design consistency, and edge roundness of the final item. We can guarantee that they will look similar but not completely identical. Choking hazard. We do not hold any liability with injuries caused by this product. Please use at your own risk.